Friday, April 6, 2012

Manifesting the Mind (2009) DVDrip (Repost)

Manifesting the Mind (2009)   DVDrip (Repost)

Manifesting the Mind (2009) DVDrip
English | AVI | XVID 798 kbps 29.970 fps |560 x 336 | MP3 112 kbps 48 KHz Stereo | 2h02mns | 698 MB
Genre: Documentary

Manifestingthe Mind: a documentary on Psychedelics & Shamanism from BouncingBear Films featuring interviews with renowned experts such as DanielPinchbeck, John Major Jenkins, Dennis McKenna, Nick Herbert, Alex Grey& Dr. Rick Strassman to name a few.
This is the first releasefrom Bouncing Bear Films which comprises of Andrew & JenniferRutajit and all other folks from Bouncing Bear Botanicals. ManifestingThe Mind gives us a broad perspective on psychedelics, how we canbenefit from them and why is the use of psychedelics suppressed by themainstream media and governments of the world

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